Thursday, August 18, 2011

shame on me.

Okay. Here's the thing. I'm busy okay? I have this far off dream...that I will start having kids, get to stay at home, blog, and obsess over other blogs.(also, take care of my children and such) However, I.don't.have.the.time.these.days. Life is great though! Here is a quick update on our fabulous life together :)

March: went on a cruise with my family! (wow. that was FOREVER ago) We had such a blast in Mexico, and we loved having the whole week off together!

April: My friends Ray and Ingrid had their baby! Little Nathan is my psuedo-nephew, but I love him just like he's actually a part of my family! I love them so much and love spending time with them!

May: celebrated our 1 year anni! We spent a long weekend in Cali, where I scored us an AWESOME deal on priceline (I am my mother's daughter) and we got to stay in a resort! Super fun. I love being married to Cody, he is my very best friend and I am so grateful for what we have experienced so far!

June: We got to go up to Pinetop for a weekend to be with Cody's family for our first annual Remington reunion! I love my in-law family!!
My parents opened thrive! I LOVE THAT PLACE. Greatest and healthiest addiction ever! for more info visit :)
Brittney and Tyson GOT MARRIED! WOO! I love those guys, and I am so glad Tyson is a part of our family now!

July: Cody and I became Aunt and Uncle to baby Zane! My sister-in-law Dollie and her hubby Ryan are now parents to the first grandbaby on the Remington side. He is SO handsome, and Cody and I volunteered to babysit him tomorrow! (squeal!) I also got to take some time off to spend with friends and family :) also, my bestie Rebecca got home from her mission!! I have missed her SO much! She's leaving me soon to go to BYU (laaaame) but I am so grateful to have gotten a little bit of time with her :)

August: School has started! I love our new schedule! The day goes by so fast, and I love every minute of it! I feel like we are doing so much more for our kiddos this year, they are all doing so great!
My mom and I got to drive up to Provo to help Brittney and Tyson move in, what a blast! I loved spending that time with my mom, and loved seeing some old friends, it had been forever!

So that was definitely a readers digest version, obviously our lives are more crazy and exciting! But my lunch is over. So, until next time...stay classy peeps!

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  1. Um, I just found your blog! haha am I behind or what?! I love YOU! Miss you, bestie!

    Love, Beka