Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm sorry I'm not a super blogger (cough cough K-Bunch) but I am trying my bestest while living the life of an engaged SPACECASE ;) so, i'm sorry i haven't kept up. but i need a break from typing addresses. so...

things I've learned this week:
-wedding registry is harder than it appears or sounds(and i LOVE shopping, so that shocked me)
-its also much more TIRING than you think it might be
-tracking down people for addresses is also harder than it sounds
-anything and everything that has to do with planning a wedding is harder than it sounds
-throwing away a 13-gal garbage bag over your head while holding 2.7 million other things=fat lip
-reminiscing about how we fell in love while sitting on the hood of my car with Cody=new fav thing
-butterflies mate. like MATE mate. even while living in a classroom with 6 little boys. terrible.
-Aussie's Cleanse and Mend shampoo is AWESOME. thanks for less greasy hair!
(warning:this next statement will be mushy and gushy)
-My love for Cody grows everyday, and everyday it amazes me because I never think I can love him any more than i already do! he is my very best friend and I am so blessed to have him in my life :)

Okay that's enough learning. People keep asking me how I am. I have no idea how to answer because sometimes I know they're really meaning to ask "how is planning going?" and to be honest, its a little bit stressful to plan a wedding in 8 weeks. yup. 8 weeks. BUT, I am SO EXCITED and things are coming together SO WELL! I am so grateful for all the people in my life that are making this possible. Especially my mom. She has been so great and patient. I'm very happy that we are still friends through this crazy time :) love you Mom!

Engagement pictures=major success! Jacque Weech, aka very awesome amazing friend, took our pictures and i am SO HAPPY with them! she did SUCH a great job! Here's a few favorites:

So those are a few of our favorites! She did so fabulously!! She is so great :)

Its really weird to think about not living at my house. And not only that, but I'll be in my own place with Cody! I am so excited for us to start our lives together :)Our apartment complex is really nice, and I love the floor plan! and stackable washer/dryer! i mean, who could ask for more? :)it'll be so great! we'll be on our own, but still in the same zip code with both our families!

all in all, times are crazy, but i wouldn't change them for anything :) however, having little elves that did stuff for me would be pretty cool. okay, dreaming is over. back to reality. which is okay, cuz I LOVE MY LIFE :)