Thursday, August 18, 2011

shame on me.

Okay. Here's the thing. I'm busy okay? I have this far off dream...that I will start having kids, get to stay at home, blog, and obsess over other blogs.(also, take care of my children and such) However, I.don't.have.the.time.these.days. Life is great though! Here is a quick update on our fabulous life together :)

March: went on a cruise with my family! (wow. that was FOREVER ago) We had such a blast in Mexico, and we loved having the whole week off together!

April: My friends Ray and Ingrid had their baby! Little Nathan is my psuedo-nephew, but I love him just like he's actually a part of my family! I love them so much and love spending time with them!

May: celebrated our 1 year anni! We spent a long weekend in Cali, where I scored us an AWESOME deal on priceline (I am my mother's daughter) and we got to stay in a resort! Super fun. I love being married to Cody, he is my very best friend and I am so grateful for what we have experienced so far!

June: We got to go up to Pinetop for a weekend to be with Cody's family for our first annual Remington reunion! I love my in-law family!!
My parents opened thrive! I LOVE THAT PLACE. Greatest and healthiest addiction ever! for more info visit :)
Brittney and Tyson GOT MARRIED! WOO! I love those guys, and I am so glad Tyson is a part of our family now!

July: Cody and I became Aunt and Uncle to baby Zane! My sister-in-law Dollie and her hubby Ryan are now parents to the first grandbaby on the Remington side. He is SO handsome, and Cody and I volunteered to babysit him tomorrow! (squeal!) I also got to take some time off to spend with friends and family :) also, my bestie Rebecca got home from her mission!! I have missed her SO much! She's leaving me soon to go to BYU (laaaame) but I am so grateful to have gotten a little bit of time with her :)

August: School has started! I love our new schedule! The day goes by so fast, and I love every minute of it! I feel like we are doing so much more for our kiddos this year, they are all doing so great!
My mom and I got to drive up to Provo to help Brittney and Tyson move in, what a blast! I loved spending that time with my mom, and loved seeing some old friends, it had been forever!

So that was definitely a readers digest version, obviously our lives are more crazy and exciting! But my lunch is over. So, until next time...stay classy peeps!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okay so its been a while. Like almost 7 months a while. Woops! I need to be better. And I will be!
I have a few minutes at lunch so I figured I would post an update for all 7 of my AVID followers haha. Cody and I have now been married for over 8 months! Crazy! We are coming up on a YEAR! Being married is absolutely wonderful. I am loving being a wife and exploring my crafty and domestic side. In fact, tonight, I will be crafting with none other than my little sis, Kenna. Gonna be some good times. I gotta figure out my mom's sewing machine so I can inherit it, since she won't let me take it to my apartment to use. Wish me luck! Anyway. What's new? I have taken on a few more hours with some girls that go to the school where I work. They are twin 6yr olds, and I just love them to death! We have so much fun together, and I love knowing that I am helping them to progress, and it's nice to know that Mom appreciates the help. Love those girls.
Cody started at ATI (AmericanTech Industry) in late December, and is working as Warehouse Manager there. He enjoys being able to associate with new people, and is glad that his job is one that he doesn't hate haha. We both are certainly blessed that way.
So what else is new? Not much. We are so blessed, in so many ways. I love being close to our families. I have started to spend more time with my sisters when Cody is at meetings and such. I love spending time with them! We always have such a blast. I am so blessed to have them nearby, and blessed that we all have such a good relationship. I love you Kenna and Britt! And Halle of course :)
My family's dog had PUPPPPPIES! They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! They were born Friday morning. Tink, the black lab mom, had 15 puppies!! Unfortunately, only 11 survived. But they are seriously adorable! The dad is Copper, our bloodhound. They are seriously so precious, despite many people being worried about the mix of the two breeds. Can't wait til they open their eyes and get even cuter!!

Okay. Break is over. But bottom line, life is awesome!! I love it.