Wednesday, July 14, 2010


okay, okay its been a while alright? i'm SORRY! newlywed life is busy! but we love it :) its amazing being able to spend all this time with my best friend! especially knowing that i'll get to spend eternity with him. we have loved spending all this time together, and love talking about goals and all the growing and learning we will do together. what an amazing plan our Heavenly Father has! i love attending the temple and learning more and more about it. the best part is, i get to be there with my wonderful hubby!

this summer has been crazy! obviously after getting married May 22, we took off on our honeymoon to Dana Point CA. it was soooo beautiful and we had such a good time! we spent alot of time just relaxing, and got to spend a day at 6 flags! such a blast. i am guilty to admit that i did not take many pictures...sorry :/ another confession: i haven't even finished putting everything in its 'place' so even if i did take a lot of pictures, i couldn't put them up for i have no idea where the cord is that conect my camera to the computer. fabulous. anyway! after the honeymoon, we came home and got right back into reality= me working at LIFE and cody doing some work with his dad when he can. then for the 4th we went to joe's valley for the olsen family reunion. we go every other summer with all the descendents of my great-great-grandpa. so that comes out to a few hundred people usually! crazy, but super fun. when i was younger, i dreamed of taking my future hubby there and taking him on a tour of the beautiful land of joe's valley and reliving all my memories with him there. what a fun adventure we had! i loved having Cody there, and he fit right in with my super awesome family :) now its back to the ol' grind, or nose to the grind, or whatever the saying is. basically, we work haha.

i'm going to be getting a new calling in my church this next week, it is going to keep me so busy! i've been looking for more meaning in life, and let me just say: be careful what you pray for! haha it'll be so great and i am so excited and also nervous at the same time! i'll wait to post it, since its not official yet. but i will post it soon!

i love cooking. i'm no chef, (yet!!) but i do love to cook and create! it definitely helps that Cody has liked everything i've made so far. but i do need more ideas! so if anyone has any...pass them on :)

i looooooooooooooooove being married! i love being a wife, and i love having a hubby. wonderful how those three fit together eh? we have so much fun just spending time with each other. its just the greatest thing! i love my best friend :)

okay that's gonna have to be enough for now, i gots things to do!

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