Tuesday, March 30, 2010


okay this blog thing is new to me, so be patient with me as I really figure it out :)

tis official! i'm going to be a Remington!! woot woot! here's the story :)

We'd been planning things for our May 22nd wedding already (yes we did things a bit backwards, but we're on track now!) and we were kind of to a point where we needed to make things official before we could continue. People kept bothering Cody about it (sorry baby!) but little did everyone (including me) know, my GORGEOUS AMAZING FANTASTIC ring was being set! and it took 10 days after he paid for it to actually be set! so he played along while I dragged him around to other jewelry places, knowing all along that the ring that I absolutely loved was already waiting for me!! ahhhh he's so great :) anyway! Yesterday, Monday March 29, 2010, he came out to my work to take me to lunch. He was trying to find my classroom to come pick me up, and we saw him wandering around with a dozen white roses!! adorable! and he looked pretty dang great, I'll add that in ;) so we went to lunch at Rubio's (I looked like an absolute GOOF with a concrete smile plastered on my face!) and I knew something was up. In the car, (where we usually hold hands anyway) he was holding my hand and just kept playing with my left ring finger. uhhh hint! flowers, lunch (which had only happened one other time since we both work during the day) he was playing with my finger, and we had 'plans' that night for dinner. so naturally, I told my mom that I was going to be proposed to that night! She wondered how I could be sure, but I just knew he was trying to hint at it. He texted me and asked me to bring my swimming suit, which usually means we're going to go to his sisters' apartment for that hot tub. After he picked me up, he told me that we had to go to his sisters' to pick up the key to the pool first. When we got there, he unlocked the door, and then started to kiss me. Obviously, my eyes were closed as he began to carry out his plan! He walked me in while kissing me, got me right where I needed to be, and said, "what is that?" which caused me to look up right as he was pulling on a sheet thatthen dropped who knows how many balloons! by the time I recovered from the balloons, he was on his knee! with the ring I only DREAMED OF! my first natural reaction was "OH MY GOSH!!" and to start bawling (luckily enough, he knows me well enough to expect that) as he said "Erika, I love you. Will you marry me?" I shrieked "yes!!!" and he got up and kissed me and hugged me :) after recovering from the shock, (and staring at my new FAVORITE piece of jewelry) I took a look around and realized the night was only beginning! He had FILLED his sisters' apartment with balloons, doily hearts, and heart confetti. Some of the balloons had nothing on them, but some said a few words such as:

I <3 my best friend Erika
Goin to the temple...gonna get married!
I <3 u always+forever
Be mine forever?!
and there were a ton of balloons (the ones that fell from the ceiling) that said MARRY ME!
etc :)

there was a little table with candles and settings for two, and he had the food all ready. I cleaned my face up and we ate our delicious dinner, then cleaned everything up (including 30 mins of vacuuming up the heart confetti) because we felt bad leaving a mess. Then we spent about 15 mins in the lukewarm (aka NOT hot) hot tub eating our dessert (YUM!) and then got ready to spread the word :) of course, everyone was SO ecstatic!!!

We are getting married May 22 in the Mesa Arizona temple, and our reception will be that night at my house from like 7-9. We can't wait to share our special day with all of youuu!!

I have no idea how to post pictures, but I'm gonna learn right now so I can show you a bit of our night! :)


  1. Oh my goodness! CONGRATS GiRL! I'm so happy for you. He's a handsome and charming catch.. way to go! I love your blog and will be pestering to keep it updated, so watch out! ;) hope all goes well!



  2. That is super adorable hon. What a great story! And creative guy! I absolutely love it and I love your ring and I love that you love your ring so much (it's important!!) and if you haven't figured out the pictures thing yet, let me know. :) I'm no expert but I can help you in that area. And be my blog friend! (Camille has one too - so do Gary and Shanna and the Hanceys but honestly they never do anything with it. :) Oh and Rachel.) Love you!